Ashtae Products is a black owned hair care company that I have been using in my salon for over 20 years. I also have become an educator to teach about their hair products and give styling tips. Every year Ashtae hosts a trip for their clients and anyone else who would like to go. I have traveled with them to Jamaica, Dubai, and Hawaii. In January of this year, I had the privilege to travel to South Africa with a group of 100 plus people.

We were greeted with open arms with people saying to us “welcome home!” We stayed at Belmond Mount Nelson, a beautiful 5-star hotel. The staff was so happy that we were there for 7 days, as they had never hosted this number of Black Americans at one time.  Africa can be portrayed as poor and dirty, however Capetown was beautiful. Like other parts of the continent that are not given the proper love of its beauty. Despite having to get use to the food or finding something that I would eat, I had a wonderful time. Capetown is surrounded by mountains. When riding around, you can see them from all angles. The views from Table Mountain were amazing. Seeing animals close up on an African Safari was so surreal. Standing at the prison gate, where Nelson Mandela and his wife Winnie walked to freedom, felt unreal. We spent a day at a Wellness Spa where the people treated us like royalty. The Uber and Cab drivers were so thankful for a $5 tip. Seeing how appreciative these people are, makes me more appreciative of what I have.  A few other hairdressers and I were able to showcase our talents at a Gala on the last night. We all dressed in African Attire and had a great time.

My experience in “The Motherland” is one I will never forget.
Life is about the EXPERIENCE!

Proverbs 16:16 NKJV “How much better to get Wisdom than Gold!”