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Pastor Tony J Craddock Sr 010718023-035.jpeg

Rev. Dr. Tony J. Craddock, Sr., Pastor

St. John Baptist Church

17080 South River Road
Woodford, VA 22580

(804) 448-3866



A Year of New Beginnings

Church Mission Statement
Equipping & Connecting the Generations for Service in Christ, Church, & Community 
(Acts 1:8)

Theme of the Month: Community

"That the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work."
2 Timothy 3:17 (NKJV)

November Weekly Sermons

1st Sunday

Sermon By: Rev. Dr. Tony J. Craddock, Sr. Pastor

Sermon Title:  "What's on the Menu"

Scripture:  Matthew 26: 26-30

2nd Sunday

Sermon By: Rev. Dr. Tony J. Craddock, Sr. Pastor

Sermon Title:  "It’s Dangerous to Mess With God’s People"

Scripture:  Matthew 25: 1-13

3rd Sunday

Sermon By: Rev. Rudy Waddy

Sermon Title:  "Don’t Doze Off-Stay Woke"

Scripture:  1 Thessalonians. 5:1-18

4th Sunday

Sermon By: Rev. Dr. Tony J. Craddock, Sr. Pastor

Sermon Title:  "God’s Hope for You"

Scripture:  Romans 15:5-13

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Announcements & Events

Find out what's happening this month at SJBC. Get this month's events schedule, a recap of events from last month, and more. 


Graduates Holding Diplomas


Let's celebrate all the joyous occasions of our SJBC family! Birthdays, graduations, holidays, anniversaries, baptisms, and everything in between. 


Image by KaLisa Veer

Advent Season is Here

The Advent Season is upon us.  Advent is all about reflecting on how we can prepare our hearts and homes for Christ’s birth in the world as it is today.


Sick & Shut-Ins

Trustee Emeritus, Leslie Scott

P.O. Box 123

Milford, VA 22514​


Sister Bettye Cook

23338 Triple Crown Dr.

Ruther Glen, VA 22546

Sister Delores Brewington

18542 Rogers Clarke Blvd

Milford, VA 22514

Sister Lynetta Johnson

200 Magnolia Ave.

Apt. 307

Augusta, GA 30901

Deaconess Jeanetta Lee
P.O. Box 131
Milford, VA 22514 

Sister Jayda White

(Deaconess Josephine White’s granddaughter)

4221 Valley Side Dr.

Richmond, VA 23223

Sister Patricia Blackett

623 Cicero Dr.

Ruther Glen, VA 22546


Get in touch with us!

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